Stay in touch with your followers.

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Sell Products

Sell merch, signed autographs, affiliate products and more.

Get Subscribers

Let fans subscribe to get updates from your Instagram or YouTube.

Send Mass Messages

Direct message all of your fans at once. Target fans by gender, city etc.

Stream Music

Got music? Let fans listen to songs and watch videos inside Messenger.


What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are like apps inside Facebook Messenger except users don't have to download anything to use one. All they have to do is send a message to your Facebook page

How long does it take to build?

Typically, our chatbots take 2 weeks to build depending on how many features and content it will have.

Does Persona offer bulk deals for multiple bots?

Yes. We work with record labels, movie studios, talent agencies and other big corporations to build multiple chatbots for their clients at a discounted bulk order.

Does Persona only build bots for public figures?

Although Persona specializes in chatbots for public figures, we also build chatbots for brands and small businesses alike.

Can Persona build bots outside of Facebook Messenger?

Yes. Persona can build chatbots for Kik, Twitter, Skype, Line, and even SMS.

However, Facebook Messenger offers the most flexibility in terms of features and currently has over 1 billion active users worldwide, making it the largest messaging platform in the world.

Can Persona build custom features?

Yes. Persona has built custom features such as digital autographs, quizzes, mobile games and other unique experiences that fans can access inside the chatbot.

How does direct messaging work?

Sending direct messages through your chatbot is like sending a newsletter to a mailing list.

We can address fans by their first name and send messages to a segment of fans based on basic attributes like gender and city or custom attributes like shopping habits, fans who’ve listened to a specific song, fans who’ve purchased a certain product etc.

Who has Persona built chatbots for?

Persona has built chatbots for Katy Perry, Jwoww, Kehlani, Karrueche, Snoop Dogg, Christina Milian, Keke Palmer, Chanel Westcoast and more.